Sunday, 15 February 2015


Flowers, cards, gifts, balloons, chocolates and cakes are everywhere.

Smiles, warm hugs, and everyone seems to be really excited. Oh! Happy day.

“I love you” must have been the most said word, everyone fully recognizes this day. A day fully acknowledged worldwide just to show love. Hmmn! emotional. Considering it’s a much-anticipated period for all lovers, couples and everyone in a relationship.

Bringing a new dimension to things, what exactly happens before, during and after the 14th of February?


Shortly after the New Year buzz is over, merchants collaborating with media publicists spread the word about the season of love that apparently comes once in a year and make catchy messages about gifts available for sale in limited offers.

Relationships still go on smoothly, although comprising of breakups here and there, semiotics and facial expressions are evident in the relationships especially amongst the female counterpart; the ladies make efforts to indirectly ask their man how Valentine is going to be celebrated and then the guys begin to plan on how best to make the day worthwhile or somewhat perfect.


Malls, eateries, cinemas, fun centres are filled to capacity as couples or should I say the males are trying to show love to the females. Yes! the efforts of the merchants are not in any way close to being in vain as numerous exotic gifts have been purchased all in the process of trying to express love.

moments are shared with that special one, moments that should not be forgotten in a hurry, not because of the gifts but because of the time spent with that one you truly care about, whatever is being shared, whatever is being discussed and whatsoever is being done on February 14 is to be entirely focused on the theme of love.


Memories still fill the heart of the “loved” and the news of the creative ways people expressed their love spreads so swiftly sometimes leading to envy. 

Then things almost go back to normal or even worse as those wise people who spent all they had or even run into debt to buy gifts for their beloved, engage in borrowing or start striving to get back on their knees financially. Everyone returns to his or her usual schedules, whether it is a busy one or not.

There is scarcely any moment to show love once again (birthdays, maybe!)and we wait till the next 14th of February.
With all sincerity, should love be constricted to one day?