Friday, 5 September 2014


I love my life
I love nature, love my family
I do everything with such joy and delight
I love to smile
Once again, I love my life
I have a lot of friends
Scratch that, I have a friend
Not particularly a friend but I see her as one
I need a friend
Someone I talk to, laugh and play with
Only that part of my life had a bit of blemish
However, I still loved it
My mum knew of this situation
She always encouraged me to reach out to others
Make friends, have better and intimate relationships
She felt that my scale of success
Was dependent on my network of friends
I knew she was right
The next day was the beginning of another school week
I had to make this happen
I could not wait for this day
And when it came …
I set out early, happy, and ready
Ready for a new experience
Probably a life-changing one
I was at school by 7am
This was rather quite early
Only few teachers had arrived
So I waited, waited for someone
Someone I could talk to
Someone to connect with
Few minutes later, I saw a boy walking swiftly
The time had come to make friends
Judging from his looks, he was about my age
I approached him quite scared
“Hi, my name is Dave and you are” I said
“Timothy” he said as he continued to walk by
He was obviously rushing to finish up his homework
I would definitely meet other friends, I thought to myself
However, I was wrong, that was probably the nicest response
Moments later, a girl came up
Introducing myself like I did earlier
“How can I help you?” she replied
With a smile on my face, I responded
“I just want to be your friend.”
As if I was a jungle monster
She ran away as fast as her legs could possibly carry her
She kept on running even after she had climbed the stairs
A boy who I had always seen around school came
He was slightly taller than I was
And he really looked like a nerd
Full hair, glasses, he just looked like them
“Eureka!” I said to myself
With so much joy, I introduced myself like I had done earlier
Told him of my intention to be his friend
He stared at me for a few seconds
Then he began to laugh, he really laughed so hard
Expecting an instant YES
Well nothing close to that
After he was done laughing, he answered
“Your friend, you do not deserve a friend and
No one would ever want to be your friend
So do not bother trying.”
He left and continued to laugh
That was it I give up
I went to the school hall and sat at a corner
Looking at the wall clock, it was 7:45 am
45 minutes of trying and failing
It was this time that most people resumed
As I could hear people talking and laughing as they entered
At that very moment, I began to cry, cry uncontrollably
What can I possibly do?

We all know that humans are social beings and life would be boring if we live a life of solitude. God knew all these that is why he said it is not good for a man to be alone and he decided to send him a companion.
The value of friends cannot be overemphasized, good friends especially. Without doubt, there are still many people out there that have no friends and very few acquaintances. What could be wrong? These people are normal, bright, smart, promising and possess everything anybody could want in a friend. Could it be low self-esteem, fear, what exactly could make them have little or no friends?
Guess they have one problem, blending in
The environment you find yourself in might not be as friendly as you wanted or expected. However, here are some ways to blend in and make friends
1.       Your dressing matters:
The overused saying that the way you are dressed is the way you are addressed is a 120% true. In my own opinion, dressing is a crucial role when making friends. You need not dress gorgeously to attract or make friends. Dressing in a responsible and smart manner is enough to boost your confidence and make it easy to blend in and make friends.
2.       Be confident:
To sum up enough courage to walk up to people and attempt to create friendships could be an uphill task. It requires a lot of courage to command the respect you truly deserve. Such confidence would make people want to listen to you, confidence not only in your speech but also in your poise, carriage, gesture. Confidence also goes to the extent of being comfortable when talking to your soon-to- be friend.

3.       Understand them:
A proper fore-knowledge of the people around you could give you a specific edge that will make them want to be your friend. Proffering solutions to their problems instead of putting yourself first would be a good way to speed up the “friend making” process.
Appearance, confidence and understanding are the major factors undermined in making friends and building relationships.
Don’t just dress well but dress smartly, be courageous and show it, a high self-esteem is crucial and not forgetting that a knowledge could help a great deal.

Monday, 25 August 2014


I could not hold it back
I was staring at him
When he looked at me,
I turned away
When he faced another direction
I continued to stare
He was only three years older than me
But he had achieved so much
Way too much for me to explain
Or try to fathom
As he continued to give his speech
I thought to myself
If he can do it then I can
I had read books of people
Who were determined to succeed
No matter what came their way
I had lost my dad
When I was five
My mum was blind
Not literal loss of sight
But she could not see me
Amounting to anything significant
So I decided to search
Search for mentors
Who could believe in my dreams
I wanted to be a DOCTOR
Yes, a doctor or no other profession
I had always hated
To see people in pain
And now my dream began to get blurry
So blur that at times
I doubted its feasibility
I decided to search for mentors
Who would believe in me
Make my dream clearer
This man talking was one of them
One of those who gave me hope
A reason to smile again
Made my bleak and dull future
Seem brighter than I ever
Thought it could be
Oh! Such joy
Joy of anticipated fulfillment

Friday, 18 July 2014



There was a couple I knew
Everything in their lives seemed perfect
They had love, they had wealth
Later on they had a son
He grew up to be handsome
He was right on top of his class
And also excellent in sports
Many people wanted to be his friend
Girls loved him
After college, he was a merchant
Who wisely saved, spent and invested money
When he was 30, he was a millionaire
But a part of this story is missing
Three years after his birth
His mum gave birth to another son
Also handsome but not as bright and smart
As his elder brother
When he went to his brother for help,
His brother pushed him aside
Like I said many people wanted to be his friend
But they could not
He was an introvert, did not care about others
A smart man with a great prospect
It is worthy of note that those girls
Who admired him and jostled around him for attention
were always pushed aside by him
He felt others even those close to him (parents and brother)
Were distractions to his success
He could not understand others
He was not comfortable around others and
Did not care about others

No lady wants a man like this, especially in a time where woman is on the lookout for the PERFECT MAN, but there is nothing as bad as getting engaged to a man that is insensitive, unable to understand what you are going through or give you courage or support during your trying times.

Ladies are looking for Mr Right, a man with a couple of favourable attributes : 

A man who is funny, handsome, down-to-earth, caring, intelligent, charming, sexy (six packs), tall, rich, (a heavy six or seven figure monthly income) and the list goes on and on

Tyler Perry once made a joke about women looking for their perfect man and painted a clear scenario of a woman who five pages of attributes she wants in her man, but at the age of fifty, the five page long attributes drastically reduces to five letters.

“Lord, just let him breathe”.

Obviously, everybody need somebody to hold and cling on to but what should be the major attributes of your perfect man : 

1.         VISION
Ladies should look for a man who has a definite plan of what he wants to achieve not just a man who wants to get married, have kids, be rich, provide for his parents in their old age and die.
A man who is eager to make an impact on the society by either dedicating himself to a noble cause or standing for something that others will follow

Ladies, another attribute of a husband material is a man who can stand alone and can rely majorly on the resources at his disposal, not one who goes running to his parents when faced with any slight challenge but one who can depend on himself or else such a man is not ready to raise a family.
 Listening, the quality in a man hat should be admired, a man who creates time to listen to what you feel and will be willing to listen to all have to say no matter how boring your speech may be. Scientists have proven that ladies feel better when they have someone who is always ready to listen to all they have to say. So ladies look for a good listener.

4.       CARING
Most men who are good and genuine listeners tend to be caring. Caring men don’t wait till you have something bothering you so that they will listen, they are able to recognize when you are not at your best. They are the ones that ask this rare question “How was your day?” This means that they are evidently concerned about your well being. 

This is very important especially during child-raising. Women should appreciate men that are capable of being an instructor (not a harsh one) and a coach that would be able to complement her motherly duties of being a teacher. 

As we all know, mothers are teachers and fathers are trainers and instructors.  If a woman gets such a man, they will be able to raise a total child.

·         Let’s not forget that he must have a good character and be God-fearing.
Ladies, now you have it all, open your eyes clearly and choose wisely, God will direct your steps.

Thank You. Have a lovely day.