Monday, 8 June 2015


With the current fuel scarcity pervading my country (Nigeria), I pondered on a lot of thoughts which was partially triggered by my imagination as well as a movie I once saw.

In the movie, humans were programmed in such a manner that once a person was 25 years of age, such a person had a year to live, and that amount of time was also to be used as a medium of exchange.

A cup of coffee could be 3 minutes while a loaf of bread could be 5. The wealthy could accumulate large amount of money or time as the case may be, while the poor run around with some few minutes or hours looking for some casual work to do to earn them some time. Some sell their properties, because if they clock out, they die.

The fuel situation as well as the movie made me further think, what if air was scarce, and what if water was scarce; what if smiles and laughter costs money, what if a 100 words spoken cost a dollar, would you be mute?

We know the drill, when things are scarce they become expensive, as the rich will be willing to buy at almost any cost making the masses suffer, bus fares are higher than usual, the cost of goods and services are more expensive.

Yesterday, the pepper seller said 6 tomatoes were now 200 naira instead of the normal 70 naira, when I asked her why the tomatoes were so expensive, she said “Don’t you know diesel is expensive”. 

Diesel and Tomatoes, How?

 I laughed uncontrollably but that didn’t change the price of the tomatoes.

Now I strongly assert and join others to say

“For what we freely receive, Heavenly father, make us truly grateful”. 

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