Monday, 16 November 2015


I have attended a lot of birthday celebrations, probably more than my age mates whether it’s an indoor family party or an elaborate event, whether it’s a kids party or an adult get together or whether the celebrant is 50, 70, 40, 1, 5, 18 or 21 years old.

I was once at a birthday party, the celebrant was 21 and someone at the party told me that 21 is the age of maturity. I beg to differ

I don’t know if I am mature or if I am qualified to be in the league of mature people (if such an association exists) but I do know that I am a good person.

On my birthday eve, I couldn’t sleep not because I was looking out for who will be the first person to wish me a happy birthday on social media neither was I imagining what could be referred to as the perfect birthday gift but I was disturbed by how maturity could be ascribed to an age.

Let me lighten the mood, you decide if I am mature or not.

Here are 21 things about me

1.       I am a workaholic
I tend to overdo things. My mum thinks I don’t rest, she believes that I may be stressed out. She might be right. Could you believe I started typing this on birthday eve when everyone else was sleeping and completed it today?

2.       I am a sapiosexual being
I don’t use people but I surround myself with intelligent people. I might be attracted to smart ladies, not quite. Smart and pretty, that’s my type

3.       I love food
Rice, Chicken, Pasta, Pounded Yam, Eggs, Sausages … Name it, I love them all. As awkward as it may seem, I don’t like honey.

4.       I cry
You might call me emotional, but if I get really disappointed, I CRY

5.       I am addicted to American TV series
Well, I just love watching them

6.       I talk too fast and can hardly whisper
While in a conversation, I usually have too many things in my head and want to say them all at once and this makes me talk too fast.  I am outspoken, I find it very difficult to whisper.

7.       I am "Jack of all trade"
I am good at many things but great at few things. I believe my life will take a drastic turn (for good)

8.       My voice is very deceptive
I don’t know how to control it but I have various voice types: baby voice, on-air voice, people say I have a feminine voice and I currently learning British accent.

9.       I laugh a lot (it’s healthy)

10.   I’m terrible at sports
I am fairly good at games but I don’t excel when it comes to actual sporting activity

11.   I hate my complexion
I really dark in complexion, people call me all sort of names: Blackie, Ghanaian, Black Heritage, Dudu Osun (a black soap). Bleaching is not an option, I am African.

12.   I look younger than my age
Some people think I am still in high school, they are very surprised when I tell them my age

13.   I love pictures
Capture the world in a picture (nature, technology, wildlife) and I appreciate it. That’s why I love Instagram

14.   I help people
If I am in a position to help, I’ll help with pleasure

15.   I am a good cook
Believe it or not, I cook for the house sometimes, but I burnt a lot of food in the learning process. I might be the one to cook my birthday meal.

16.   I daydream a lot
I allow my mind to roam.

17.   I hate it when I’m late
Who doesn’t hate being late?

18.   I can’t stand the sight of blood
I knew Medicine will never be my profession. I always knew

19.   I take a lot of risk
We all have to take risk to get what we want

20.   I am a bit scruffy
I am working on it

21.   I upset my friends
I tell them the point blank truth which does not end in handshakes and hugs. They get upset and I later find a way to apologise

So am I mature? The truth is that I don’t care, I have a good heart and that’s what matters
      P.S: The information given above is true and cannot be used to measure maturity, if you skipped the preamble, you won’t understand.

It’s my birthday, wish me a happy birthday by making a comment.


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